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Rui Ruivo

I already knew Pedro (Pinho) and Luísa (Homem) from the RDA (a non profit organization) and from a certain political familiarity that led us to bump in each other several times. It all happened because I was working at the RDA’s cooperative canteen at that time and at lunchtime I had been arguing with another person in the collective about responsibilities regarding the place, which led to a conversation about self-responsibility and that led us to discuss what self-management entailed. Pedro and Tiago (Hespanha) come to lunch and when they arrived they caught up the discussion about self-management in general. Which means they were listening to the conversation while they had lunch. By the end of lunch, I was smoking a cigarette outside; they show up and ask me if I want to participate in a movie. I asked what kind of movie is this? And they explain it to me. The movie of nothing. I kind of nod, I say yes, it can be. That minute. I usually embark on such adventures. The "adventures of ok, let’s try it " I usually call them. Count me in.  

And it all started there. Then the rehearsals began. I had no experience as an actor, just played tricks. Now, I've made a short film after The Factory of Nothing. And we started filming, we got into the thing. And a great family was created, it was a great experience. The time, the waiting in cinema, was spent in great conversations and playfulness. Always a very cheerful and free environment. It was cool, everyone trying to figure out the characters, trying to understand the film and at one point the factory also became us. The fiction of the factory was the facts of our reality. With all the different life experiences. Sandra, for example, had worked in that factory, for her it was very significant. It was all very emotional, very heartfelt, very sincere.

I saw the film for the first time in Cannes and for me, what I saw, is that the film is very good, very good. And what I felt is that the film has a lot of heart, a lot of ours (of the group of actors and not only, of the technical team too, all of us) life. I do not know what it's like in the movies, in the other movies, but what I felt was that we were very close, everyone. It was very emotional. We all carried our things there. Hermínio, for example, a very strong character, the day before filming began, received the news that the factory where he worked had gone into insolvency.

For ideological reasons, I’m not a defender of work, of the absolute value of labor, but this cavalcade of neo-liberalism, in which after all the social struggles, workers struggles, struggles for rights, it is less and less possible to speak about this... In this times, talking about these other possibilities is necessary. Do we have to accept all the crap they offer us? Nowadays? After all that has already happened? Pedro even had to stop me, in my ideas. "In the film, we are just a group of workers.".

It was really, really cool. I worked with friends and made friends. It was great to work with Smith (Vargas), we talked a lot about our characters, about what the hell we were doing there, what could we add.

It was a fantastic experience and the trip to Cannes was an incredible culmination, seeing the full room clapping non-stop, with praise, was a unique moment in life. It will never live something like that again.